Rehearsing "North Pond"

February 16, 2017

Rehearsals have begun! Two weeks ago we started rehearsing vocals with piano. Next week, we’re diving head-first into choral rehearsals and doing a recording session for two numbers from the show, “The Rules” and “Joshua, I Like You.” Our rehearsal process consists of going through every number and deconstructing it before we rehearse with the full orchestra in March.


Rehearsals are intense – hearing the music live is an enriching and terrifying experience, especially when the music is in its bare-bones form as a piano reduction rather than fully orchestrated version. Sohee Kwon, who is our rehearsal pianist, and Shun Yao, who will be conducting the show and is helping direct the music in many ways, accompany Chelsea and Michael. Each rehearsal session we chisel out the music as a team, tweaking both technical elements in the music and interpretation.


Next week, we are working on a promotional video and demo recordings for the project. In the video and recorded music I hope to capture the essence of rehearsal in a way that’s much more dimensional than words. See you then!


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