ORANGE SKY SILHOUETTE (2013) - for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and piano

Premiere: Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival - Mannes College Concert Hall, NY, NY, August 2013


Duration:  ca. 6'30"


Program Note:


My favorite time of day is at twilight, or "golden hour." The visual phenomenon of an orange-pink sky burning against a dark blue line of fluffy trees creates a colorful effect that I tried to replicate in Orange Sky Silhouette, written for the 2013 Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival in New York City. The piece is rhythmic, active, and colorful, using winds in different registers to convey the sense of a multi-layered horizon, with the piano acting as the ground contrasting against the dancing winds floating in and out with melodies and motivic phrases like the changing sky.